Selected reference companies.

APT spol. s r.o.

  • ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Mladá Boleslav – Source station of tetrafluoropropylene with double-shell pipelines
  • UJV Řež a.s. Research centre – Assembly of technological devices
  • Assembly of oxygen and nitrogen evaporating station – steelworks EVRAZ
  • Reconstruction of chlorine pipelines for platinum refinery– SAFINA a.s.
  • Disassembly of oxygen production VSA – Avignon Francie
  • Disassembly of technical gases filling plant Linde Gas – Hamburg
  • Assembly of oxygen production plant and secondary oxygen source – KNAUF Krupka
  • Production and assembly of extinguishing system in Technická knihovna – Prague
  • Production and assembly of pressure station and gas pipelines of technical gases

HANON SYSTEMS Autopal s.r.o.

  • Replacement of brazing furnace muffles ROGERS
  • Disassembly of furnace ROGERS, its removal, transfer, reassembly and commissioning in a new production hall
  • Move and assembly of vacuum furnaces
  • Move of technologies from abroad – Francie, SRN
  • Move of technological lines and equipment of the hall Naděje and the hall Hvězda
  • Development and assembly of secondary nitrogen drive of brazing furnace conveyor
  • Pipelines of technical gases – nitrogen, argon, hydrogen
  • Move of technological equipment COOPER STANDARD – Schelklingen
  • Move of technological equipment COOPER STANDARD – Žďár nad Sázavou

AIR PRODUCTS spol. s r.o.

  • Assemblies of dedicated gas devices and reviews
  • Assembly of nitrogen generator in the company ARCELOR MITAL Frýdek Místek
  • Assembly VSA of oxygen production in the company REMET Brno
  • Oxygen distribution pipelines FLASCH STEEL POWER
  • Mixing hydrogen station Brano Uničov
  • Evaporating oxygen station with pipelines CRYSTALYTE BOHEMIA Světlá nad Sázavou
  • Evaporating station of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide BENTELER Klášterec nad Ohří

GETINGE UK L.t.d. / GETINGE Czech Republic s.r.o.

Mölnlycke Havířov

  • Connection of sterilisation chambers with catalytic etoxen burning
  • Connection of etoxen evaporators with sterilizers
  • Production of stainless steel structures


  • Testing and reviews after the reconstruction of ethylene production in the company UNIPETROL RPA PCH II Litvínov


  • Welding of structure parts, blasting surface treatment.


  • Production of production technological line structures for wood processing
  • Production and assembly of roller conveyors, bunkers and lifting tables
  • Production of special weldments


  • Pressure tests of extinguishing system pipeline – Depozit NM Netvořice
  • Pressure tests of extinguishing system pipeline – Česká Televize – Kavčí Hory

ExPS s.r.o.

  • UJV Řež – project SUSEN
  • Assembly of experimental water pressure loop with ultra critical water parameters UCWL


  • Assembly works during shutdowns of paper mill technological equipment MONDI Štětí